A Great Video of Samba de Gafieira

Samba de gafieira — Brazil’s groovy answer to tango — is a flashy, complicated dance that lends itself to spectacle. There are many videos of performances by outrageously talented professionals online, but this is not one of them.

These dancers are talented, but this is not a formal performance with all of the flashy silliness that that sometimes brings; it is rather just a gathering at the Escola Carioca de Danca, and while there’s tons of creativity on display it seems less showy, and more just for the sake of the dance itself, and the party.

It starts a bit slow (and even that is gostoso1), then they really start to fly.





And, one of my favorite performance videos…

This is David Bosco, a samba de gafieira teacher, performing with samba teacher Sarah Pallares at Europe’s largest and always worthwhile samba de gafieira festival Spai Carioca.


A still from the video

carioca gafieira party

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  1. An explanation of gostoso[]

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