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The Crucial Factor in Planning Sex Romps with Germans

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Tinder: More Useful to Travelers than Couchsurfing or Google Maps?

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The One Rule for Seducing the French

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My first sexy time with a German took place in a closet during a house party in Paris. Then, a year later, a Germanic rogering came to pass in the showers of a Romanian hostel, and a little after that I boinked my third German in a park in Berlin. These, by the way, are the only times I’ve ever had sex …

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Tipsy Pilgrim on using Tinder for travel

Road-Tindering gets you into the coffee shops, pants, and hearts of the locals, sure. But the app can also lead you to truly weird adventures in lovely spots that you’d never have found in hours of searches through forums and travel sites. So it is that this rogue nomad has signed up on Tinder — you know, for research purposes, and not due …

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It’s understandable that some of you dear readers want to kiss, date, fuck or even marry the French. I discourage it, though; there are so many less complicated and more fun cultures for romance and humping. But I’ve been frequently asked for advice on the topic, and while I have none of my own, I can pass on the …

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Taking a step back to look at the weirdness of dating à l’américaine

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Brazil tends to get pegged as a land of sluts and hedonists. That’s an understandable assumption, but simply not true.

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Former Os Mutantes singer Rita Lee‘s “Amor e Sexo” is famous enough in Brazil that everyone can sing along, and it’s lovely to see it sung by a crowd — and see how a catchy melody and screwy metaphors can cause a kind of (momentary) mass, chanted acceptance of love- and sex-positivity . I was reminded of the 2003 hit from the “queen …

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Erasing the final trace of distinction between modern art and trolling, Paul McCarthy has installed a giant green butt plug in Paris’ most fashionable plaza, the Place Vendôme. The work is called “Tree”, but McCarthy knew every well what he was doing:   Un “plug anal” géant installé place Vendôme by lemondefr Predictably, right wing parties are …

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What to do when you find yourself kissing a hot asexual? And how do you explain apparently randy Iowan asexuality to Europeans?

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It’s late at night, you’re a gentleman dung beetle, and you’ve packed together a delicious ball of shit. Now, for safe-keeping, you’d like to roll it far, far away from the other feasting critters at the dung pile. If you can do that, you just might be able to convince a lady dung beetle to fuck …

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Believe it or not,[*]. the French go through that same awkward, sexually anxious stage as the rest of us: adolescence. They need strategies, games and excuses to sneak that first kiss. Fortunately, they have oodles; some of the following popular strategies may sound familiar to you, others are uniquely French. 1. “On va pas payer le …

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Dear Tipsy Pilgrim, I am a 32-year-old American woman who has recently taken on a French lover. While his 24 years is quite a blessing in the sack, he’s becoming a bit of a burden to my pocketbook. When we go to dinner or out to a show, he never brings quite enough cash, and …

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Most cultures have slang for reporting the results of a previous night’s rendez-vous. But the French, Chileans and Americans have actually codified their sexual achievements into numbered levels, much to the distaste of the rest of the world. Of course, each country’s numbering system is different. USA Inappropriately, Americans use their most boring sport, baseball, …

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The beijo, or Brazilian kiss, is a full-on facial and salival assault. It is used to express attraction, make nearby exes jealous, and to find out if a complete stranger has something stuck in his teeth. It is very frequently performed; in fact, if you spend a night out dancing or in bars and you …

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It is common to want to turn every moment in Paris into a Robert Doisneaux tableau.  But location can be everything.  We at Tipsy HQ have sacrificed our honor over the years to determine the best spots for P.D.A. à la parisienne. They are: 1. THE SACRED HEART BASILICA OF MONTMARTRE, 2 AM Yes, the …

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A young woman explains Russian dating to Tipsy Pilgrim. Also answered: How important is it to have money or at least a petrol station when trying to impress the ladies?

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Useful for fans of public fornication, and an absolute classic for first-timers escaping from the watchful eyes of their families, the concrete bunkers strewn over the Albanian countryside are infamous outdoor sex spots. The former dictator Enver Hoxha established 750,000 of these indestructible domed love nests in the ’70s and ’80s, far more than could …

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