My Frenchman is a great lay but he’s draining my pocketbook

Dear Tipsy Pilgrim,

I am a 32-year-old American woman who has recently taken on a French lover. While his 24 years is quite a blessing in the sack, he’s becoming a bit of a burden to my pocketbook. When we go to dinner or out to a show, he never brings quite enough cash, and I have to cover him. Just last week, he accompanied me on a rather expensive group outing that I had planned; everyone else in the group coughed up their share, but Frenchy Boy has yet to place a dime in my hand, despite his promise to do so once he “found a cash machine.” What do you think is the proper way to ask him for the money he owes me?

— Creative Professional Banging Frenchie


You say he’s “gainfully employed”, but I take it he makes a bit less than you? This is not uncommon when dating someone younger…



Nope. His salary is three times what mine is. 



Well I was going to call on you to stop taking your poor boyfriend on fancy outings (or else to pay for them yourself) but clearly that’s not the issue. Frenchy Boy is being a dick. It may help you to know that in France (compared to the States) there is certainly even more expectation that men pay for dates and treat their women well. Frenchiness is no excuse for comportement sauvage

The next time you see him, be direct; tell him about your feelings and those of your pocketbook, and announce that it’s now his turn to pay for dates. Drive him to a cash machine if you have to. This young man needs to learn now that he can’t get away with this bullshit. Once he’s no longer a drain on your wallet, you may go back to draining that lovely French cock.  

— TP


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