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The Laws of American Dating, as Explained by the French

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Kissing Brazilians is different: A guide to wet, sloppy romance

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Taking a step back to look at the weirdness of dating à l’américaine

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What to do when you find yourself kissing a hot asexual? And how do you explain apparently randy Iowan asexuality to Europeans?

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Most cultures have slang for reporting the results of a previous night’s rendez-vous. But the French, Chileans and Americans have actually codified their sexual achievements into numbered levels, much to the distaste of the rest of the world. Of course, each country’s numbering system is different. USA Inappropriately, Americans use their most boring sport, baseball, …

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The beijo, or Brazilian kiss, is a full-on facial and salival assault. It is used to express attraction, make nearby exes jealous, and to find out if a complete stranger has something stuck in his teeth. It is very frequently performed; in fact, if you spend a night out dancing or in bars and you …

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