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Why Portuguese is the Best Language for Music

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Dançar Gostoso! Europeans Tell of their Sexiest Forró Dances

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What is the essential Brazilian body part that mainly exists to be sniffed and kissed, and that we have no word for in English? How many delightful ways can we talk about quivering, trembling, shimmying and swaying in Portuguese? The answers to these questions and more wisdom can be gleaned from the lyrics of the classic, …

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Wherever we roam, we can forrozear. It’s getting ever-easier to find this passionate, silly Brazilian dance in the world’s major cities. Since I wrote our piece on forró’s surging popularity outside Brazil (and its sister on forrozeiras’ sexiest moments on the dance floor), I’ve received many, many updates from readers on the changing and birthing of cities’ forró scenes. Thanks, dears! Continue to update …

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How can you take a dance style that is unknown in your area and create a thriving community with parties, workshops, and classes?

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Is it random luck that so many of the world’s great songs are in Portuguese, or does the language itself have something to do with it?

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Over the past decade, forró events have been springing up in major Western cities (e.g. London, Moscow, New York, Barcelona, Paris…) as well as some smaller ones. This is an odd journey for a simple dance from the Brazilian northeast, as usually the world’s folk dances barely leave their town or region, let alone cross …

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