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For Gringões: 20 Minutes to Feigning Fluent Brazilian Portuguese

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Why Portuguese is the Best Language for Music

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I just got back from my sixth extended stay in my beloved Brazil, and this time I kept careful notes on the most annoying phrases one hears in this lush, goofy land of samba rock, beaches, and murder. Does listing such uniquely Brazilian language misuse serve any purpose? Probably not, other than to help me …

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This is Bebeto‘s “Segura a Nega” performed by Clube do Balanço. It is one of the greatest samba rock songs ever performed, and if you have a less-than-perfect command of spoken Brazilian Portuguese, you may be wondering what the hell the lyrics are about. I offer here my translation; the emphasis here is on accuracy in meaning and achieving a …

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As part of the our Fluent in 20 Minutes series, this post provides EVERYTHING you need to participate in conversations with Brazilians, whether or not you have any idea what anyone is saying. Why learn (a bit of) Portuguese? Well, there’s good evidence that this language has the best music, and then there are the Brazilians themselves, their dancing, …

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Is it random luck that so many of the world’s great songs are in Portuguese, or does the language itself have something to do with it?

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