Vodka-Red Bull is bullshit — opt for the caffeinated cocktail of Spanish sailors

TP is visiting Barcelona this week and just discovered the carajillo, Spain’s espresso/alcoholic shot mix. Oh, carajillo, where have you been all of my life?

As with anything worth putting in your mouth, the carajillo is storied. The word supposedly derives from coraje (“courage”) and the tale goes that Spanish sailors in Cuba drank this rum mixed with coffee for bravery. Or carajillo might also come from carajo, which can refer to a dick but is more usually used as a vulgar intensifier.

Here’s the official Tipsy Pilgrim recipe:

Pour a shot (cognac, brandy, whiskey, rum)

Add a shot of espresso

Add sugar, if you must


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  1. August 26, 2012

    In Catalan is also called cigaló (little cicada = prick), which maybe supports the second hypothesis. Besides, as we Catalans are obsessed with attributing everything to us, here is a post explaining the possible origin of the beverage in the Barcelona docks:

  2. revetller
    August 26, 2012

    Hey! I'm from Mallorca and I got to this blog by chance. I only want to say that the "carajillo" or "reventat" (how we say it in Mallorca) is not a shot that you take when you go out at the night, is a drink you take as a coffee, by the morning or after the lunch. Nobody ask for a "reventat" at a night bar.
    And it's true that is a typical drink of the sailors, farmers or tiring jobs.

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