Who’s responsible for this shameless enterprise?

les femmesI was born in Iowa City, USA, and began my un-American carousing in Barcelona, as a Fulbright scholar in dramatic writing and physical comedy.

I stayed on for another year as a staff writer for Leonart on Spain’s TVE. Then I headed to Brazil, where I wrote portions of several Time Out guides. I have since written for businesses and educational companies around the world while living, generally, on the opposite end of the globe from those clients. I write about travel for SelectoGuru; languages for FluentU; empathy, management, and customer service at CrossKnowledge; and more.

My top spots to live and write have included: New York, São Paulo, Berlin, Paris, Rio, Tirana, Edinburgh, Belgrade, Saint Petersburg and Istanbul. And Barcelona continues to be the dearest of the lot.

The header art on this website is by Brazilian-French artist Johanna Thomé de Souza. This drawing of me is lifted from one of her cartoons.

While I’m solely responsible for any errors, the insight into the world’s drinking, partying and fornicating habits has been gathered from hundreds of tiddly sources (from seniors in Albania to teenagers in Spain) who have generously shared their time and knowledge over the last decade.

— Mose Hayward